Viewing Water in its Many Forms

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Viewing Water in its Many Forms

When we travel, we want to see as much of the land as possible. We may take road trips, either by car, bus, bicycle to cover as much distance as possible. When we are looking at the land, we also realize something else. Everywhere must have a water source, and seeing them can sometimes be the highlight of the scenic views which our eyes see. Water can appear in many different forms such as lakes, oceans, rivers, waterfalls, deltas, and creeks. All of these can be considered beautiful in their own way, and are often sought out in travel.

Lakes are beautiful, and although they aren’t as big as the ocean, they have so much to offer. The fresh water in most lakes is refreshing, and makes swimming a delight. Boating is often found in lakes that are large enough for the fun activities of water skiing, tubing, and even hanging out at sandbars. Many people vacation near a lake so they can enjoy it for days or even weeks at a time. Most lakes make for very relaxing travel opportunities. Camping around these lakes is also common, and another way to feel even closer to nature.

lake at sunset

This lake is very beautiful, especially at sunset. A very nice way to travel! Taken by Gaggiitmi.

The ocean has unlimited things to discuss, but for travel purposes, we can discuss its features for laying in the sun, snorkeling, and fishing. Since this is where the salt water exists, the sea life is exhilarating. We may even think about National Geographic’s colorful images of coral and the vast life that is just under the surface of the water. Many of the fish we consume daily comes from the ocean, and can find delightful fresh food to try when visiting a coastal region. Obviously not all beaches are warm, but the ones that are warm are often sought out for destinations.

ocean wave

The ocean’s waves are a great sound to lay on the beach and listen to. Taken by Rud Glazn.

Waterfalls are a powerful form of nature, so to view a strong rushing stream is something we want to take advantage of when visiting certain parts of the world. The height, width, and amount of water falling are all variables that can change the dynamic of how a waterfall looks, and the environment in which it exists. Waterfalls may sometimes freeze in the winter, and this gives a whole new perspective on how they can be seen. Feeling the light mist that comes off of the falling water is another favorite among many travelers, and makes them feel a part of the natural scene around.

scenic waterfall

Waterfalls are such a powerful sight, and can really make us appreciate nature. Taken by Tom Hall.

Creeks are another great source for fishing, and can provide awesome recreational activities as well. Lazy creek tubing is done throughout the world, and allows a person to truly relax and take in the sounds of the nature around. The trickling water sound is heard best when traveling down a creek. Many people use creeks for fly fishing, a strategic way of catching fish by using fake flies to entice the fish to bite. Weather, temperature, wind, and climate are all factors of the type of fly that may be used.

calm creek

A nice, calm, and peaceful creek. One can surely see themselves enjoying a spot like this. Taken by pfly.

When going on vacation or traveling, try to get a view of some form of water. It’s many forms are found almost everywhere, and can provide a long list of activities to keep you busy. You can take the time to learn a new skill, or simply relax and enjoy what the water has to offer. Visiting some sort of water is something you won’t regret, and can lead to many fun opportunities!